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About this website

You might be aware of the plans to tarmac Dagley Lane with a 3 metre wide cycle route, with street lights every 15 metres.

We are a group of local residents who became frustrated by the lack of information and transparency about this very dramatic proposal.

We believe that improvements should be made to Dagley Lane, but do not believe the solution is tarmac and streetlights.  


We think that an alternative solution is possible

We have our concerns and think other people do too.


We would like greater transparency and consultation.

This website aims to bring everything together and make as much information available to everyone as possible.

There was a Surrey County Council survey about our views on this. This closed on August 15th.

We are concerned about the safety of children, animals, residents and walkers.

We are concerned about the impact of tarmac and lights on The Wey Valley Meadows, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI)

We are concerned about the impact on endagered species such as dormice, bats and rare breeding birds.

We are concerned about the lack of transparency and public consulatation.

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no decision has been made yet regarding either the surface or lighting, and we will factor the results of the consultation into any decisions going forward.

Surrey County Council 

A great article on the Surrey Live website about our campaign to improve Dagley Lane whilst preserving it for future generations.

Dagley Lane bridge Surrey Live

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