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The Guildford to Godalming Greenway is a proposal to connect Godalming and Guildford, so people don't have to use their cars.

It is a complex proposal which covers 4 separate maps and there are dozens of comments/interventions on the maps.


The Dagley Lane Preservation Group was set up to oppose the proposed tarmac and lights in Dagley Lane Bridleway.  Individuals in the group have different opinions on the Guildford Godalming Greenway. This page seeks to provide transparency, not opinions on the proposal. 

Here are links to the maps and also answers to a few questions that we asked at Godalming Library at the consultation session.  There is another one on November 4th.

The survey/consultation has now closed and there were nearly 1,000 comments

Following the survey, there were some social media posts that found a little confusing and potentially misleading.  This comment in particular seems to suggest that the proposal is definitely going ahead, so we got in touch with a few people, starting with Waverley and Godalming Councillor Steve Williams, who posted this on Twitter and Facebook 

Steve Williams Tweet.png
Steve Williams FB Post.png

We asked Cllr Williams

Would it be possible to share any links or information about the latest status of the Greenway and kindly explain what the next step of the process is and how it will unfold?


He replied

The Greenway is essentially “chunked” into sections and the most recent consultation on the Godalming Gateway section is now closed.


The process is managed by Surrey County Council and, as I understand it,  the next stages are:

  • analysis by the project team

  • a business case for funding design and construction will be developed.

So we asked him

So your tweet that says you are working to ensure that the Greenway now happens is not a confirmation that it is going to happen but a commitment, on behalf of the council, that you will do everything you can to make sure it does happen?

He is yet to reply


We contacted Surrey County Cllrs Matt Furniss and Marisa Heath.


We asked them

Would it be possible to confirm the exact status of this proposal please?  The consultation has closed, it raised many detailed concerns and questions.  Have the survey results been analysed and decisions made based on them? 


If you could also share any links or information about the latest status of the Greenway and kindly explain what the next steps are for the entire route, not just Godalming, I would be very grateful.

Cllr Matt Furniss replied

This project is still at a high level early stage and is being put forward for a funding bid from a 3rd party.


Once funding is gained then we will move to detailed design and public consultation so it clearly has some time yet before anything starts on the ground.


We also contacted SCC Officers.  They said

As the consultation for the Guildford – Godalming Greenway has only recently finished, the analysis is currently ongoing. We are currently aiming to have the consultation report completed in December/January.


Regarding decisions to be made for the proposed route, these will require the agreement of/ decision making by landowners where proposals are not on the public highway. This includes the Lammas Lands and Phillip Memorial Park options where the land is owned by Waverley Borough Council. The consultation findings would be provided as part of the information to inform decisions here – I cannot yet provide timescales on this. Also, it is important to take into account that currently there is only funding in place for the feasibility study for this scheme (which the public consultation has formed part of). There is currently not funding in place to deliver the scheme, although we are preparing an application for further funding.

GG Greenway sheet one.png

Sheet 1 covers the route from the bottom of Guildford High Street, along the A281, through Shalford Park, Dagley Lane to the railway bridge.

GGG Sheet 2.png

Sheet 2 covers the route from the railway bridge, over the common to Broadford Road, over the bridge, up to Peasmarsh and along to the Rugby Club.

GG Greenway sheet 3.png

Sheet 3 covers the route from the rugby club through to Godalming, across the Lammas Lands to Godalming Library

GGG Sheet 4.png

Sheet 4 covers the route from the library through Philips Memorial Park to near the church.

We visited Godalming Library and spoke with a SCC representative about the proposal.

We asked some questions and here are the answers we were given.

The deadline to share your views on the proposal is November 21st.

The proposal will introduce a 5.5 metre wide shared footway/cycleway past the existing pelican crossing.

We asked if that meant one of the car lanes would be removed for the stretch of road between the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre and the lights at the bottom of the High Street.

SCC answered Yes it will.

We asked if that would have a major impact on traffic congestion coming into Guildford?

SCC answered No it won't.

A281 outside YAT.png

The proposal will introduce a

3m Wide shared footway/cycleway to allow those travelling from Quarry Street to join the cycle route using the toucan crossing.

We asked How do you create a 3m wide shared footway /cycleway with a grass bank on the right and homes on the left?

SCC answered If necessary we can build up the grassy bank to make space.

We asked will you remove one of the car lanes for this?

SCC answered No.

We asked Where do the people join this from?

SCC answered from the High Street and Castle Hill.

Quarry Street.png

The proposal will involve the reallocation of the South-Eastern footway to widen the north-western footway to an approximately 2.5-3m wide shared footway/cycleway, with a pinch point of 2.1m in one location.

We asked How can you reallocate the footpath when there are houses on the right and a wall on the left.

SCC answered We will reduce the width on the left hand side to widen the pavement on the right hand side.

We asked How can you do this?

Broadford Road Shalford.png

SCC answered We know it is tricky and might not do this section.

The proposal will involve the

existing footway/cycleway to be widened to a likely proposed facility of 3m with improved lighting.

We asked How do you extend this to 3m wide when there is a culvert to prevent flooding, ditch and road?

SCC answered the path is much wider than you can see.  There is tarmac underneath the grass and overgrowth.

We asked there are no street lights, how can you improve them?

Broadford Road.png

SCC answered We can install street lights if necessary

We asked what is the budget?

SCC answered Roughly £6 Million


In Godalming, the proposal will involve the installation of a cycle/foot route through the Llamas Lands.  This is common land and an important flood defence for the town.

For more information about The Lammas Lands, please click here



There is a dedicated website for the Greenway.

It includes an executive summary of the proposal, which was prepared by The Guildford Bicycle Users Group (G-Bug) and Godalming Cycle Campaign (GCC) 

To visit the website please click here

To read their summary please click here

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