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About Dagley Lane

Dagley Lane

For centuries Dagley Lane has been used by commuters, cyclists, dog walkers and families.  It runs behind the A281 and is a great alternativve to walking or cycling along the busy road to get to Guildford.

The ancient trees and tranquility bring a sense of peace to everyone who chooses this route.

Yes, in the winter it gets muddy and yes the path is uneven at times and does need some love and care.

But is tarmac and streeghlights the answer?

About The Dagley Lane Preservation Group

We are a group of Shalford residents who are frustrated by the lack of transparency and clear consultation and communication around the proposed development of Dagley Lane.

We have come together with the aim to understand everything about the proposal and to share this information with as many people as possible - providing everyone with the same information and enabling everyone to have their voice in the future of our village, our environment and our safety.

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